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Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Outcome 3

Coconut Printed Cups

Outcome 3 focuses on the design of a 3D printable cup with customisable features. To begin the development process, I engaged in a series of brainstorming sessions. I sketched various cup designs while emphasising two crucial elements: shape and handle. By conducting extensive research on cup designs and performing rapid prototyping tests, I narrowed down my options and identified a distinct design language for my cup creations. Ultimately, I opted to incorporate four fundamental shapes - circle, ellipse, square, and rectangle - into the design. Each coffee cup features a solid basic shape as the handle, complemented by a corresponding shape for the cup itself. This approach ensures that the cups have a cohesive aesthetic while providing possible customisation options to suit individual preferences.

The next step involves CAD modelling the four cup designs. The cup volumes are specifically designed to accommodate the current serving size of 200-250 mL. 

The logo is strategically embedded at the most natural position for a right-hander's thumb on the handle. When the cup is not in use, the logo is prominently but silently showcased. Once the cup is held, it offers additional friction to the thumb, ensuring a secure grip for the user. 

Furthermore, the cup design allows for easy customisation, it caters to both right-handed and left-handed purchasers. The customisable embedded word is positioned on the side of the handle, representing the cup owner's uniqueness while maintaining a clean aesthetic from any viewing angle.

Then, I utilized 50% coconut filament that I purchased online to 3D print prototypes of the four designs. The resulting images, displayed on the left, not only met but exceeded my expectations in terms of design. The shapes, colours, and textures evoke a sense of natural simplicity, aesthetics, and sustainability. The ergonomic design of the cup ensures a comfortable holding position. The handle's gesture, resembling the grip of a wine glass leg, adds an element of elegance, elevating the user's drinking experience. The embedded logo design enhances the gripping capability of the cup. When the cup is held, it exudes a minimalist aesthetic. Moreover, when the logo is visible, it silently yet powerfully communicates the brand's design language, leaving a lasting impression aesthetics. Additionally, the embedded text on the side of the handle seamlessly integrates with the overall design, emphasizing the product's uniqueness and individuality.

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