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A Speculative Circular

Economy Innovation

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Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Outcome 1

Coconut Journey Map

To develop a circular economy system for a speculative flagship store based on my existing business model, this outcome highlights the transformation of the coconut waste stream from its current journey of being harvested and ending up in landfills. By contrasting it with my designed closed recycling loop within the business, it provides a clear visualisation of the proposed concept in comparison to the present reality. This facilitates a comprehensive understanding for viewers and enables designers to analyse stakeholders and gain insights into future project processes. In the current situation, the coconut's journey consists of four phases. Phase 1 shows the process in the source country from harvesting coconuts to shipping them to Australia. Phase 2 involves the distribution of coconuts to shops. Phase 3 illustrates the sale and consumption of coconuts, and Phase 4 represents the final stage of coconut waste disposal. In the proposed new process, a significant change occurs in the last step of Phase 3. The coconut waste shifts from being discarded to being recycled. In Phase 4, a series of recycling processes would instantly recycle coconut waste, which will then be used to create two products. These products will be reintroduced in Phase 3 for consumption. Additionally, the shop will recycle any broken products to reproduce materials in Phase 4. This designed journey map ensures that there is zero flow of coconut waste into society. It is expected to alleviate environmental issues and reduce strain on Australia's macro waste treatment system. In Outcome 2, a series of experiments are completed to validate and refine the idea of Phase 4 in the "New" journey map, please click the bottom below to view Outcome 2.

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