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A Speculative Circular

Economy Innovation

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Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Outcome 4

 Production Line

The final outcome focuses on the conceptual design of a production line. It is expected to efficiently converts coconut waste into 3D printing filament. The objective of this outcome is: firstly, to visualise the setup in a 3D perspective, and secondly, to validate the mechanical design hypothesis of the system. The image on the left illustrates the concept and layout of the production line. In the flagship store in speculative future, the production line begins from the side wall, follows a path with two turns, and concludes on the opposite side. In order to seperate the machine to customer, but using it as a decoration, there would be a transparent wall between the serving desk and the production line. This design allows for continuous production, with fresh coconut waste easily added to the line whenever there is an order. This conceptual layout ensures a seamless integration of the production process within the store's operations, optimizing efficiency and sustainability. Scroll down to view more details about this outcome.

Detailed Development

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